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Lux Divina - Possessed By Telluric Feelings CD 

Lux Divina - Possessed By Telluric Feelings CD
Reviews: EMP: „Oftentimes close to goose bump moments of Primordial, unique art is being celebrated here !" (Markus Eck, ) #### ROCK HARD: „…Primordials melancholy, nature mystique in the style of Borknagar and the dreamy atmosphere of In The Woods. LUX DIVINA skillfully switch between heart wrenching, majestic Doom and aggressive Black Metal.“ 8/10 points (Björn Thorsten Jaschinski, ) #### ZILLO: „…can keep up with the quality of nordic bands like Primordial, Solstafir, Thyrfing or early Enslaved and fans of the aforementioned acts should feel concerned because of the stylistic similarities a risk an ear.." (Blach, ##### LEGACY MAG: „With this potential and the fine intuition, which these guys are demonstrating here, friends of paganistic music art will let this record rotate in cold winter nights." 11/15 points (Sebastian Groß, POWERMETAL.DE: „LUX DIVINA back up their exotic bonus musically and bring back the pitch black sadness to Black Metal.” 8/10 points (Nils Macher, NACHTAKTIV: „It´s easy to start raving. Even those not rather not into Black Metal should check this out. It will be worthwhile" (Karsten Henze, ) HAMMERHEART: „This five-piece acts self-assured and independent from trends…“ 8,5/10 points (Thor, FORGOTTEN PATH: „Doubtless, it is one of the best discoveries in latter times and even now I can fearlessly state that “Possessed by Telluric Feelings” is one of the best Black Metal releases of oncoming 2013." 9,5/10 points (Odium,

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